A boy named Peter


Five years ago we were in a meeting and were praying for the healing of a young boy named Peter. Carla had been helping his family through his illness and several glitches in his care. The photo below is of Peter right before our anguishing intercession. We were certain that our prayers from Kansas City were going to bring about healing in Peter's body in Uganda. On this particular Friday night we wept and begged God to heal his body. We received word of Peter's death the following Tuesday. One more day to thank God for His wisdom & mercy! One more day to thank God for His ways are always GOOD! One more day to become more determined, so we started the process of stating "LORD NOT ONE MORE! Send your healing." Our anguish would launch 4 pm prayer times on Sunday afternoon @IHOPKC — times of prayer that we still lead 5 years later. One little boy named Peter had a massive impact on us all.

Nancy HesterComment