5 years of praying for Uganda from IHOPKC

We have so many stories of WHY we pray for Uganda from The International House of Prayer in Kansas City. One story was George Otis, Jr, visited IHOPKC and challenged our missions base to pray specific prayers so we could TRACK the answers. In his message, he then suggested we pray for Mexico & Uganda.

WHAT?? Exactly where Lamplighter Ministries was focusing 5 years ago. 

THIS is 1 of those TRACKING stories! The 1st Sunday we started praying for Uganda in 2012- a lady walked up to Jim & introduced herself. She was visiting IHOPKC. She had just dropped off her son & his new wife at the airport. Her son & daughter-in-law had chosen to spend their 1st year of marriage serving the poor in Uganda. Great story, we were all encouraged! Imagine a mom from another state & her heart is focused on Uganda- then she walked into IHOPKC & the room is focused on Uganda! She asked if we would commit to pray for them? Definitely! We got their names & photos... lots of photos. We were getting these amazing updates & then their photos went from a newlywed couple to 3 individuals- who looked like a FAMILY. This adorable orphan CAPTIVATED their story! They began to feel the tugs of desiring to adopt. It was a long process. They actually had to leave "their" daughter in Uganda & trust the system. They were tenacious. Their adoption was finalized & this precious girl is growing up in a loving family here in the US! No longer an orphan but ADOPTED! 

Every Sunday I think of this child! Every Sunday I realize our prayers matter from this place! Every Sunday I know GOD is longing to answer every prayer we pray about the lonely being set in families. (Psalm 68: 5-6) Every Sunday I know the fatherless ones in Uganda are brought before the THRONE OF THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE & HE is allowing us to join His glorious plan!

I ADORE this roaring child who ROARS just like HER HEAVENLY FATHER!

Loving that one of our favorite songs right now- also focuses on THE LION ROARING! 

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