Thankful for creative evangelism

One more blip about my 35th Spiritual birthday. This was my facebook post on my 30th Spiritual Birthday.

Worth sharing from 2014- 
Happy Birthday to ME! 
TODAY-- 30 years ago-- I had 2 precious friends who knew I was in need of a Savior--- They knew I was on a self destructive path to bust hell wide open--- up until this day 30 years ago, they prayed for me, they loved me, they RAN AFTER ME with zeal & tenacity--- & 30 years ago today they took me to hear Josh McDowell & he gave a clear message--- 
1) God loved me & had this amazing plan for my life 
2) that I was a sinner, separated from that loving God- (I really knew this- & had no idea there was a way out of that pit) 
3) BUT JESUS came to give me a bridge--- the reality of that bridge hit my heart like 100 pounds of physical pressure! That Jesus came & died & rose again in power for ME! That He took my place! (I can so remember thinking WHY?? Why would God send His perfect Son for me?? I can so remember thinking I have no idea why... do not over think this Nancy... just grab it!) 
4) that I had to make a decision & receive This amazing gift of LOVE! 
OH what amazing friends--- that made the choice to be LOVING FRIENDS! 
Thankful today... 30 years later for precious ones! Anne Davis & Gena Houghton!  
30 years of loving Jesus... 

Nancy Hester