A continuation of the conversation with “Peace”

I wanted to share my ponderings after a conversation with “Peace”.

It was a short conversation- yet it has wrecked my heart. I recorded part & will share it with you, eventually.

“Peace” is a true orphan. She is 14 years old. She is the eldest of four, three younger brothers.

I have so many questions after our chat- I am inviting you on the journey of my own heart.

I asked “Peace” about her typical day…

Her response, I wake at four zero zero…

I must admit, my brain sort of froze? 4…0…0

WAIT?!?! 4 AM? Why are you waking up at 4 AM?!?! IT is pitch black dark at 4 am!! I am a bonafide night owl, I am the mom to 5 bonafide night owls- waking up at four zero zero is RARE- possibly, if we have an early flight.

Yet… this orphan’s- TYPICAL?? Her NORMAL DAY?? She wakes up at 4…0…0??


Irene wakes up then to collect water.

Are you imagining this teenage girl, wakes up to collect water for her Aunt, because she lives with the aunt. All of “Peace’s” water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes is already provided at our compound. But this young girl gathers water to leave for the aunt to use all day long. The orphan is tending the aunt. So she takes a 5 gallon container & goes to hand pump the water. Not near their hut, but the community pump, she gets up at 4… 0… 0 to walk to the community pump by herself to hand pump water. Then she carries it back home, you’ve seen the photos- on her head.

Where do you get your water? I do not even think about water! I turn on the spigot and like magic it flows freely! There when I want a drink, to wash my hands, bath, wash clothes, clean- if I need water- I do not even have a second thought wondering if it is going to be available! (ok let’s face it, I go to my frig and poof there is a button & I not only do I get water, I get COLD FILTERED water, there I said it!) YET an orphan not only has to think about it, they have to plan for it. They have to wake up early to get to the hand pumped bore hole in order to not stand in line for hours- because “Peace” wants to get to school on time.

Water… The line between what we have readily available in the west and what is “typical” in the third world should NOT be this vast!

It’s time to dream big again! MY HEART is NEEDING to DREAM GOD SIZED DREAMS AGAIN!

I’m inviting you to join me for the sake of these orphans!

Also inviting you to stop and think about your water. Possibly even pray and ask for solutions and then PLEASE share if God shares any of HIS ideas!!! Because we NEED GOD SIZE IDEAS!

Nancy Hester