Orphans and gardening

I’ve been asking you questions.

Wanting to communicate glimpses of what life is like, via my vision, for the orphan in Northern Uganda.

Today I want to share with you about some of our boys. Boys who live with their grandfather and they are immensely resourceful!

What do you do with your plastic water bottles when you are finished with your beverages? I know all of us are recycling right? Well I want you to know, in Uganda used plastic bottles are USED! They are collected and used as seedling containers. When I saw this while visiting the boys, I was so amazed! Their gardens are vast and flourishing… but they also LOVE FLOWERS! They have planted marigolds, zinnas, they “harvest” anything they can cut or gather from Carla’s garden. They also use the plastic bottles to gather rain water to water their gardens. They are young but they are realizing they need to be able to feed themselves and their grandfather. Gardening and farming can be learned, but we are so thankful that these boys are also quite gifted in these areas and we anticipate years from now they will be amazing husbands and fathers. It is The LORD and loads of wisdom and listening ears that are causes their gardens to flourish!

TODAY we are SO thankful for God abundantly blessing these children in Northern Uganda!

Nancy Hester