Conversations with “Peace” part 4

Right now as we are seeing the devastation of flooding and tornadoes in the US- I am asking for you to pray for the US and Uganda. When we were there- there was a huge storm, ALL were so excited the dry season was over! It was actually early for the rains and there was so much expectation. We loved that it rained the day we arrived. The next day the power went off- we assumed only for a few days… then we reached a week. The entire time we were in Uganda, there was no power. (It was difficult!) This is Carla’s life as well as all of those in her area… Carla has finally gotten sporatic power after OVER A MONTH with NO POWER! (Don’t even think you can imagine… you can not)

Can any of us imagine functioning with no power for over a month? We have the privilege of having an electrified pump- due to amazing partners years ago! Years ago, many of our women were spending hours standing in line to hand pump water at the community well. When we added our pump, so many of these women were able to focus on their gardens, their children, starting businesses! Their days were no longer focused on getting water. When we had no power, we were having to rent a generator a few times a week to come and refill our holding tank so all with Lamplighter could have water. 

Think about your daily water use. I realized I am so dependent on turning on the spigot! I expect to wash my clothes when I want to wash them. I expect to wash my dishes. I expect to have a glass of water when I want it. I expect to fill up our dogs’ water bowls.

My heart ached when I saw dear ones panicking- wondering if the water would keep flowing. Wondering if the rented generator would work? Wondering if we needed to ration water. Wondering about water being available. Wondering if they were going to have to start back hand pumping for our entire compound? Just the point of transporting that much water was overwhelming!

Their heartache has become mine… How can we begin the process of updating their water situation in Northern Uganda? How can we begin the process of updating their unfaithful power systems? These are all questions we are taking before The Lord- thank you for your prayers joining us!

Our God-size dream is now to add solar power to the Lamplighter Compound. The whole compound to service the Bible School, the feeding program, the director’s hut, the guest’s hut, the kitchen, the dining hall, mostly the water system. Thank you for considering any gift, especially monthly commitments to give a child clean, dependable water.

Because the gap between what we have & what they have should not be this vast!

Nancy Hester