What is Lamplighter Ministries?

Lamplighter Ministries is a 501-C- 3 missions organization based out of Auburn, Alabama. For 23 years Lamplighter has worked in 10 nations advancing the gospel and offering help to the needy.  Lamplighter is committed to the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing pastoral care for missionaries, hosting seminars on the Heart of Worship, and providing humanitarian relief for the needy.  Currently, Lamplighter is focused on serving the people of Uganda in all of these areas, operating as a legally recognized non-governmental organization (NGO) in that nation.

  • Education: For years we have provided finances to educate children and send young adults to universities & Bible schools.

  • Food: Currently, we feed around 50 children, elderly, needy & staff  in Northern Uganda one to three meals each day.

  • Medical: We provide access to a full range of medical care for those in our feeding program. Every year we help around 40 with medical transport & needs, including assisting adults and children battling HIV.

  • Bible school: We train both established pastors and lay leaders in Biblical truths and practical service in northern Uganda.

  • Training: We host camps, seminars, worship schools, and house of prayer training in the nations. 

  • Support: We provide pastoral & physical support to local leaders.

We have a professionally-designed 18-acre missions base that we operate from in northern Uganda. We have the full support of the Ugandan government as a humanitarian and Christian ministry; we also employ many Ugandans from the area, which strengthens the community.

Who is Lamplighter Ministries?

The Hesters

The Hesters are based in Kansas City.

Carla's family

Carla Etheridge

Carla resides in Northern Uganda.