Carla Etheridge 

While Carla was a school teacher in rural Alabama, she committed to be a personal intercessor for many missionaries.  She spent most of her holidays on mission trips to various nations. She actually served as an intercessor for Lamplighter Ministries and the Hesters years before joining Lamplighter as a staff member in 2004. After a season of prayer and fasting, Lamplighter sent her out as a pioneer missionary to northern Uganda. She started by teaching bible classes at a Christian School located in an Internally Displaced Persons Camp (refugee camp). Not long after arriving, Carla became aware of the extreme needs of widowed ladies due to the fall-out from the war led by Joseph Kony. After seeing the many needs of northern Uganda, Carla set out to provide solutions to the problems. Carla and Lamplighter expanded the ministry's focus to educating children, feeding the hungry through an organized feeding program, medical care for the community, and operating a certified Bible School. One woman with an obedient heart has joined God in doing mighty things in northern Uganda. 


Carla's kids by the wall

Carla's Family 

During her 12 years in Uganda, Carla has been a mother to many orphaned and displaced children.  She has taken in four young girls that she is raising as her own. Her heart has been one that has welcomed many by meeting their needs and sharing the Love of Jesus Christ.             

Carla's ministry

Carla has always had a heart for evangelism and seeing the truth of the Bible go forth into the hearts of people. She believes in the transforming power of the Word of God. She loves encouraging and equipping churches and leaders to become more effective in ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Daily life in Uganda 

A few photos of daily life in Uganda. We realize the Western world does not naturally consider "life" without a few of our "comforts":  electricity, water flowing from a sink in our kitchen or bathroom or even a refrigerator. Those conveniences are sometimes scarce in Northern Uganda but that does not affect the joy and happiness of the Ugandan people. We feed 30+ children a day at the Lamplighter compound.