Three Ways to Partner


For more than two decades, Lamplighter Ministries has met both physical and spiritual needs of the poor and marginalized in nations around the world. Presently, we are investing in the younger generation of Uganda, realizing they are the future leaders in that nation, as well as helping adults maintain a healthy and stable community for this next generation to live in now. We are asking you to partner with us. Be part of the success story in Uganda. Be part of improving their life with education, safety, food, training, and stable jobs.

You can partner with us in three ways: through prayer, finances, or as part of our established team in Uganda.

We believe that prayer is essential to making permanent progress in such a needy location. We want to connect with how God feels about the people that we are serving. We ask Him to show us His heart for them and teach us how to love them as He does. Join us in praying for the Ugandan people and asking for God’s continued activity there.

Raising finances is an ongoing need. The great thing about working in Uganda is how much good can be done with a modest amount of money. The exchange rate means that in Uganda your financial donation is worth exponentially more. We are a trusted Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that employs many locals, creating organic stability in the community. All donations are tax deductible. Partner with us financially and help us serve the people of north Uganda through meeting their physical needs.

Be part of our team on the ground that is doing the daily work, whether visiting for days, months, or years. One need we have is to carry out all the tasks that occur each day. The exhilaration of working side by side with determined and hopeful people will invigorate your soul and connect you with our common humanity. We have opportunities for all types of help, from the logistical and practical to the spiritual and pastoral. Caring for the body and mind  goes hand in hand with caring for the heart and the spirit.

Click the donate button below to join us in helping the people of Uganda, or fill out the short form below to let us know how you would like to partner with Lamplighter Ministries.

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